Art Vert Créations

Garden conception

You’ve got a landscape project ?
You want to improve your terrace?

In ART VERT CREATIONS, our landscapers are here to help you find answers.
The profession of landscape gardener therefore requires knowledge and know-how from many other professions (engineering, civil engineering, decoration ...).
The landscape gardener must be flexible and at all levels: design, implementation, maintenance spaces. The business landscape is closely linked to changes in habitat. The activity of green space has evolved in different areas such as the creation of private gardens, parks and green spaces, sports grounds ...

Details of benefits

• Landscape Design with sketches of presenting your garden, planting plan, sketch atmosphere ...

• Installation and safety of construction, preliminary work, general cleaning of the entire construction, earthmoving, shaping landscape ...

• Install automatic sprinkler system, drip-drop

• Provision and implementation of amendments and topsoil quality

• Supply and planting of shrubs, trees, conifers, palms, fruit trees and shrubs, flowering plants, Mediterranean plants shade perennials ...

• Establishment of hedges: Leyland cypress, cypress Provence, Photinia, bay ...

• Grass: seeding or sod

• Purchase and installation of synthetic turf

• Landscape Masonry: walls, flooring, paving, rockeries, beds, planters, walkways ...

• Fencing, fencing, welded panels, wood panels ...

Garden Plans and Studies

We can deliver your complete garden project with plans and pictures. In order to realise a project from conception to delivery with only one specialist contact.



Pruning and tree care

Trimming of plane trees, pine trees or any other variety of tree.

Plane tree trimming, stabalising and roping up jobs,hedge trimming or similar work,cutting down dangerous trees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, our team can bring the best solutions to all your requests.


As water is a resource we have to conserve, Art vert creations advices, installs and programmes your own watering system.

Installer of brand Arrosage automatique 06 83
the world leader in watering equipment. We can design and find answers to all your gardening problems.

Garden maintenance

To offer you a complete service, we can provide you with regular garden maintenance.